The easiest way to keep ownership simple
Owning a jet is exhilarating, but it also demands your constant attention to crew, maintenance, safety, security and operational issues. As the owner, you should only concern yourself with where and when you wish to travel.

AirExcellence has the experience and knowledge to help aircraft owners, no matter where they or their planes are located, handle flight operations, maintenance, staffing and the costs that come with the investment in a private jet. We can manage these ownership costs and responsibilities, including:

•Crew costs, including salary, benefits, uniforms, training and   travel
•Required engine and airframe maintenance
•Aircraft manuals and subscription services
•Insurance on AirExcellence's policy
•Fuel purchase, handling and rate negotiation
•Landing and handling fees

AirExcellence acts as your purchasing agent, negotiating for the best prices for insurance, fuel, parts and many other supplies.