The words we live by
AirExcellence will offer its guests a very high quality business aircraft and transportation experience. Our employees will exhibit, at all times, courtesy and high integrity when working with guests. AirExcellence's focus, first and foremost, is safety and security. Our crew training; high service standards before, during and after the travel experience; dispatch reliability and clean and well-stocked aircraft is further evidence of our endeavor to give our guests the best possible travel experience.
Who we are
AirExcellence has evolved from a corporate aviation flight department with over 10 years of operational experience. We flew under another organization's air charter certificate for over four years before obtaining our own FAA Part 135 Commercial Operator certificate, number X4RA236L, in February 2006. During this time we have always maintained the highest standards for our aircraft, our crew and our customers. We obtained our own Commercial Operator certificate to assure our customers of our continuing devotion to delivering the very highest standards for their safety, security and comfort.