The best way to get to point A to point B
Whether you are in need of a relaxing way to start a vacation or an elite and private setting for business meetings, we will tailor travel plans to your request.

AirExcellence assures that your privacy is the top priority, making our cabin ideal for business meetings, personal sales appointments or group travel to conferences. Our on-board outlets are ready for electric and fax connections, and a monitor outlet can turn the cabin television screen into a computer monitor all passengers can view.

For your personal travel plans, AirExcellence offers comfort, entertainment and flight times all based on your preference. Seats in the cabin can be rotated and are adjustable for lumbar support. For in-air entertainment the cabin television has several options. It can be set to any movies of your choice, the view from a camera in the cockpit or the Airshow, which displays the speed, location map and outside temperature. Interior temperature and lighting controls keep you comfortable no matter the time of day or outside climate.